Work With Us

We pay special attention not only for the quality of production, but for the labour protection and environmental protection as well. We provide modernly organized, air-conditioned, clean work environment and all the protective tools, equipment prescribed by the standards, that are necessary for the work. In this juvenile and dynamic work environment also the new colleagues can plan for long-term.

Cafeteria system

The cafeteria system of Miti Tex is not only incentive, but includes some social (schooling contribution for example) and some other contributions, relating to various occasions (like Christmas bonus for example)


We have three shifts work order, from Monday to Friday.


For those colleagues who live outer locations, we provide free worker’s hostel, for those who live nearby, we reimburse the full value of their monthly tickets.


Applicants for the threader job are continuously welcome. For this job good visual and manual skills are necessary. Their activity consists of two parts, threading and control of material.
Career possibility is provided.
We look forward to receiving applications for other jobs as well time to time.

In case if you would like to join us, or have any questions regarding the jobs we offer, please fill in and send us the below form.


Or call our green number, which is free of charge (inland calls only).
Our green number:
+36 80 188 010